Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Atmosphere

The new Spurs stadium has been specifically designed to retain, and even enhance, the electric atmosphere that filled the four walls of White Hart Lane.

One worry for most fans when a club upgrades in stadium size, or moves into an Olympic or national stadium, as was the case with West Ham, that the stands may be further away from the pitch. The Spurs New Stadium, in fact, been designed with this worry in mind and has sought to minimise any sort of distance between the action and the spectators. The first row will be just under eight metres away from the touchline along the whole circumference of the pitch. Spurs have designed a single-tier stand, which will be the ‘home-end’, and will be approximately six metres from the touchline.

Closer to the action

For peace of mind, lets put this in perspective by comparing it with other modern stadia across England: Man City’s first row is 12 metres from the touchline; Arsenal’s front row is 13 metres from the action; and the distance between the touchline and the front row at Wembley Stadium is a whopping 18 metres.

Tottenham Hotspur Football club have stated that flags and banners will be a central figure of the stadium and will be officially encouraged by the club. The single-tier stand, Spurs claim, has been designed to encourage both visual and vocal support.