Eventmasters Travel – Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that your booking will stand for the individual fixture of your choice regardless of the final date and or kick off time. All fixture dates and kick-off times are subject to change based on European commitments, domestic cup fixtures and BT & Sky TV requirements. If the fixture is moved for whatever reason to any other stadium, your booking will stand. You are booking to attend the specific fixture itself.

All prices are inclusive of VAT and are per person and subject to availability at the time of booking. Please note that if you purchase our ticket and travel package 5 working days or less before the fixture date then due to the logistics involved we will be unable to deliver your travelcard. A refund of £13 in total is applicable should this be the case.

Requests for cancellation will only be accepted subject to the discretion of the Company Directors.

Having received and reviewed a copy of the Executive Club Handbook in advance or alongside these Travel Club Terms and Conditions, and understood and accepted the content of the Executive Club Handbook, I agree and undertake, as for myself and on behalf of my Guests, to comply with the following terms and conditions of use of the Entry Materials and as a condition of my purchase and use of the Entry Materials.


1.1 I acknowledge that:

(A) the Executive Club Handbook and the Ground Regulations are incorporated by reference into these Travel Club Terms and Conditions; and

(B) all capitalised words and expression in these Travel Club Terms and Conditions are defined in the Glossary of the Executive Club Handbook;

(C) where the Executive Club Handbook refers to “Licensee”, ‘you ,‘your’ and ‘yours’ it refers to me; and

(D) where the Executive Club Handbook and the Travel Club Terms and Conditions refers to “Guests”, they refer to my guests, being the Travel Club Guests.

1.2 I provide the undertakings and acknowledgements in these Travel Club Terms and Conditions for myself and on behalf of each of my Guests.

1.3 I will observe the terms and conditions upon which Entry Materials are issued and will use the Entry Materials only for the purpose of viewing the Match.

1.4 I will be held responsible for my actions and for those of my Guests including, but not limited to, actions arising from the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

1.5 I acknowledge that the Dress Code of the Club is, at a minimum, smart casual and that although smart denim jeans and trainers are permitted, the only football shirts permitted are official Tottenham Hotspur football shirts, and that shorts and denim clothing that is torn, distressed or bleached are expressly prohibited at all times.

1.6 I acknowledge that the Facility I am acquiring use of is located within the area designated to Tottenham Hotspur’s supporters.

1.7 I will not sell, transfer, donate or offer for sale any Entry Material provided to me or my Guests, nor will attempt to do so.

1.8 I understand and undertake to communicate to each of my Guests that, under section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (as amended), it is a crime in the United Kingdom to sell (or offer or expose or advertise for sale), or give to someone who pays for some other goods, tickets to a football match, even where there is no profit intended or made and that if the Club is aware of such practice or has reasonable grounds to believe that such practice took place, the Club will:

(A) notify the Premier League, who may, in turn, notify the UK Football Policing Unit. Information that the Club may disclose includes my contact details and/or those of my Guest, information about the offence (or suspected offence) and about any other ticket purchases; and/or

(B) immediately suspend access to the Stadium, and/or terminate your Licence Agreement, and/or cancel or suspend any additional tickets and/or Entry Materials. In the event of such suspension or termination, no refund will be paid in respect of any Matches missed.

1.9 I acknowledge and accept that my contract is with the Travel Club Reseller from whom I purchase the Travel Package containing the Entry Material, and that any complaints or other matter relating to the Travel Package shall be dealt directly with the Travel Club Reseller.

1.10 I undertake to inform each of my Guests that they are bound to observe these Travel Club Terms and Conditions, the Executive Club Handbook and the Ground Regulations, and I will procure the compliance of the same by each of my Guests. If I or any of my Guests fail or fails to comply with any of the provisions of these Travel Club Terms and Conditions, the Ground Rules or the Executive Club Handbook, you may (at your sole discretion, and without prejudice to any of the other remedies available to you) move me and/or any of my Guests to a different location within the Stadium or eject any or all of us from the Stadium without any refund or compensation.

1.11 You will not be liable (and neither I nor my Guests will assert any deductions, set-off or claim of any nature against you) for any act or omission of (or any breach or default by) any person other than you (and then subject to these Travel Club Terms and Conditions) including, without limitation, the Club Caterer, any Travel Club Reseller, hotel operators and owners or any transport operator.

1.12 I undertake to make each of my Guests aware that the Travel Club Reseller is not your agent or representative.

1.13 You have no liability to me or my Guests on account of any Match cancellation, abandonment, postponement or replay or other failure or deficiency in the conduct of such Match.

1.14 You will not be liable to me or any of my Guests, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage or for any loss of profit or revenue, loss of use, loss of business or contracts or loss of opportunity.

1.15 You will not be liable in any way whatsoever for any act or omission (whether negligent or otherwise) of the Travel Club Reseller.

1.16 If a Match is postponed, cancelled or abandoned (or if any services are not available for any reason beyond your reasonable control) no refund or part refund will be made of any amounts paid by me or my Guests and you will not be liable to me or my Guests in such circumstances.

1.17 I undertake to indemnify you against:

(A) all legal fees and other professional fees and costs incurred by you in the enforcement of these Travel Club Terms and Conditions, whether or not litigation is actually commenced and including any appeal proceedings; and

(B) the cost of repair of any damage (other than fair wear and tear) to the Facility or any other part of the Stadium caused by any act or omission by me or my Guests.


2.1 You, at your sole discretion, may require me and my Guests to collect the Entry Materials in person from the designated collection point at the Stadium on the relevant Match Day.

2.2 The Entry Materials will only be delivered on presentation of a valid passport (or another valid government-issued official ID) as evidence of identity.


3.1 For avoidance of doubt, and pursuant to the terms of Executive Club Handbook, these Travel Club Terms and Conditions are governed by English law. The courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising in connection with these Travel Club Terms and Conditions.

I have read and understood these Travel Club Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by these them, alongside the Executive Club Handbook and Ground Regulations, as a condition of my purchase of the Entry Material and any Travel Package to which the Entry Material is associated.