Spurs Season Tickets

Spurs Season Ttsicke

Spurs season tickets are one of the most sought-after season tickets throughout world football, with the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium already proving to be one of the most popular football stadiums globally. The waiting list for season tickets at Tottenham Hotspurs’ former home White Hart Lane stood at around 40,000 people whilst not considering the 23,000 season ticket holders they had at the time. The demand for Tottenham FC season tickets has always been there, and it’s even larger since the move to the new stadium.

How to become a Spurs season ticket holder

It’s not easy to acquire a Tottenham FC season ticket. Spurs’ allocation for season tickets at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium is closed for the 2022/2023 season, with around 40,000 lucky Spurs supporters holding season tickets. To become a season ticket holder, you must first secure a place on the Spurs season ticket waiting list by becoming a One Hotspur + Member. The One Hotspur Membership for the 2022/23 season is now open to new members!

Spurs season ticket waiting list

To be added to the waiting list for a Tottenham season ticket at the new stadium, you must first become a One Hotspur + Member. Whilst at White Hart Lane, the waiting list was around 40,000, but the switch to the new stadium meant that the demand increased. The waiting list for a Tottenham FC season ticket now stands at approximately 80,000 members, excluding the 45,000 current season ticket holders. If you’re already a One Hotspur + Member, Tottenham Hotspur will be inviting you on the waiting list in phases, with each phase lasting a minimum of 48 hours. Your season ticket waiting list position will be marked on your email invite, or you can see this by logging into your eTicketing account.

Your position in the Tottenham Hotspur season ticket waiting list is determined by the date that your One Hotspur + membership was started. In layman’s terms, this means someone who joined in August 2019 will be ahead of somebody who joined in September 2019. To maintain your position on the Tottenham Hotspur season ticket waiting list, you will need to renew your membership each year. To check your place on the season ticket waiting list, log into your e-ticketing account.

Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme

Season ticket holders can opt into the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme at no extra upfront cost; no season ticket holder is obliged to register. The scheme guarantees season ticket holders a ticket for all home cup competitions for domestic and European fixtures. Tottenham Hotspur holds payment details for season ticket holders who have opted into the scheme and will be charged for every cup tie played at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It isn’t possible to pick and choose cup home games in the scheme, and those who have opted in are committed to purchasing a ticket.

There are a range of benefits for Spurs season ticket holders who wish to join the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme:

  • Guarantee your ticket for all home domestic and European games
  • Avoid the queue for the online ticket office and have your ticket automatically secured
  • Save money on booking fees when opting into the scheme
  • You earn ticket points for each and every home cup-tie
  • Share your match ticket with family or friends via Ticket Share if you’re unable to attend the fixture
  • Earn ten extra ticketing points just for signing up for the scheme
  • No upfront cost for opting into the scheme

To join the scheme, fans can log into their eTicketing account, head to ‘my account’, select ‘cup scheme’, and enter their details. If a Tottenham Hotspur season ticket holder wishes to cancel their participation in the Automatic Cup Ticket Scheme, they must put in their request in writing via posts or email. Spurs must receive the requests no later than 28 days before the first competitive league match of the season. Ten points will be deducted from their ticketing points, and it will no longer be possible to opt back into the scheme for the rest of the season.