Crane at New Spurs Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Retractable Pitch

Reports of a great milestone came from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last week as the team tested the retractable pitch which will be used for the NFL when the American teams will visit the stadium twice a year. The first NFL match-up at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will be the Oakland Raiders vs Seattle Seahawks on October 14th.

Sections of the pitch were tested throughout the course of last weekend – and the base of the pitch resembled a huge tray that slid from underneath the south stand, across the inner bowl before returning back to its under-stand garage.

The whole pitch will be made up of three of these ‘tray’ sections with the other sections to be tested at a later date. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has stated that the three-part pitch, when completed, will take around 25 minutes to fully slide into position before its ready for gameplay.  The manufactures, and installers, of the pitch, have assured that the points at which the sections will join up will be entirely seamless, simply forming one unified grass surface.

The hydraulic sides make up the second part of the retractable pitch system. These mechanised hydraulics weigh approximately 480 tonnes and are located around the exterior of the pitch. Their primary function is to raise the touchlines so that the perimeter of the pitch can be at the same height as the retractable surface. Otherwise, it would appear that the players would be elevated on some sort of show block.

Nick Cooper, who is Head of Moving Structures at Spurs new stadium explained that,

“The hydraulic sides are enormous, a 120-metre truss that runs the full length of the pitch and it all moves up and raises together. In one side, there are eight moving brides all operating concurrently”

The system constitutes a complex string of machinery, it is no wonder that the club, the engineers and all involved with this project are chuffed with the result of their test.

Hospitality at Spurs New Stadium

Although the club have yet to set an official date for the grand opening of the stadium, they have said that Spurs will be playing in their glorious new home next season. Tottenham Hotspur fans across the country will be seeking the chance to watch their beloved Lilywhites in their new stadium for the first time during the 2018/19 campaign.

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