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The Life and Career of Jimmy Greaves

In honour of our recent prize draw to win a signed piece of Jimmy Greaves memorabilia, find out more about this Spurs icon with our highlight real of his legendary career.  1940 Jimmy Greaves was born in Manor Park, London. 1955 Greaves signed for Chelsea as one of ‘Drakes Ducklings’, a response to Manchester United’s famed ‘Busby Boys’. He made an immediate impression as a player, scoring 51 goals in the 1955/56 season. 1957-1961 By 1957, Greaves had turned professional. In an almost prophetic turn of events, his debut First Division match was against Tottenham Hotspur, where he scored Chelsea’s only […]

Pochettino’s FA Cup Shrug: A Tournament that is Fading into History

Tottenham Hotspur are gearing up to compete in the nation’s oldest tournament on Saturday in pursuit of the club’s first trophy in a decade. The fixture will no doubt fill pubs across the UK’s two largest cities, but to tell the truth, the FA Cup has somewhat lost the splendour that once characterised its prestigious history. In recent times, some managers view tournament matches as an opportunity to provide a brief respite to recharge important players for league games. The old saying ‘Money makes the world go round’ rings more true in football than in most industries. Television rights have […]