Pep Guardiola - Man City vs Spurs

Spurs v Manchester City April 2018 Preview

This weekend Tottenham Hotspur come head to head with Manchester City at Wembley Stadium. Up until the first leg of the Champions League, Manchester City have surged through the Premier League with the gust of a thousand of winds leaving little but defeat and demise in their path. Until Now. For the first time in three years, City have lost three games in a row.

Tottenham Hotspur, on the other hand, have played 14 league games without losing, which represents their joint-highest undefeated run ever achieved in the Premier League. The last time they went 14 matches unbeaten was during the 2015 campaign when they accrued six wins and eight draws. If they managed to stand tall against the visitors on Saturday, this would set a new Premier League record for the Lilywhites.

Michael Brown, who spent time as both a Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur player, believes that Spurs are playing with the sort of confidence likely to topple the Sky Blue giants, commenting that

“Manchester City are vulnerable and Tottenham are playing so well at Wembley at the moment. They’re a fantastic footballing side and will be looking forward to the game. If they’ve ever been given confidence, it’s now after the week Manchester City have had. Spurs will be looking at that and will have the belief – it will be a wonderful game.”

Manchester City stand in the way of a record-breaking 15 undefeated Premier League games for Spurs

Although City are experiencing a brief lapse in their form, they are an excellent side who will throw their full weight at Spurs in order to recover as quickly as possible. Manchester City need six points to win the League, and after their failure to secure the title against their rivals, they will most likely come out all guns blazing. Additionally, City are unbeaten in 18 Premier League away matches.

However, Spurs can use City’s yearning to seal the league against them. In the last two defeats, we have seen Man City come out with bursts of energy, score, and then tire towards the end of the game suffering a defeat as a result. Take the season as a whole: game after game City swept aside their opponents and only now is it starting to catch up with them. Until Saturday, De Bruyne had started every Premier League game – despite the title having been bagged weeks ago. Last night against Liverpool, Leroy Sane was ruled offside seven times. Anyone watching City over the last three games would be shocked at how many chances they squandered in front of goal. The players are both psychically and mentally drained.

You just don’t get that impression when watching Spurs. They don’t seem tired, Pochettino has made substitutions and capitalised on tactics which has given key players rest. Heung-Min Son came off in the 64th minute against Stoke, Kane had taken two weeks to rest after his injury, and Alli was taken off with ten minutes to go against Bournemouth. Not to mention, they didn’t have the last round of the Champions League to accommodate for like City did. Even if Man City throw everything at Spurs on Saturday, Tottenham might just be able to capitalise on City’s fatigue and build on their impressive Premier League run.