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Talks of a Toby Alderweireld departure continue to spread

Pochettino’s omission of Toby Alderweireld from the Spurs Champions League line-up against Juventus had raised questions, earlier this week, about the Belgian’s future at the club. Those rumours have escalated further after ESPN reported that the most recent wage negotiation between Toby and the club broke down, and ended with frustrations on both sides.

Reportedly, Toby Alderweireld is demanding an increase of his £50,000-a-week wage to be increased to £150,000. Spurs do have an option to increase the defender’s contract, which terminates in 2019, for an extra year. However, that would trigger a £25m release clause; and with Toby recognised across the country as one of the most proficient and talented centre-backs in the Premier League, it is understandable why Tottenham Hotspur are reluctant to explore this option.

The question is for Pochettino and for the Tottenham board, do they rise to the demands of Alderweireld or do they risk the threat of losing the Belgian defender. With Harry Kane currently holding the mantle as the highest paid Spurs player, with £110,000 a week, Toby’s demands might just topple the whole club’s pay structure.


Could Toby Alderweireld leave in the summer?


The breakdown in talks has led speculators to question what club could be next in store for Toby Alderweireld if circumstances meant he was to leave Spurs in the summer. A viable destination, argue pundits, would be Manchester United. Since the departure of Nemanja Vidic, Manchester United have been lacking a certain seniority within their back four. Toby Alderweireld towers above Phil Jones and Chris Smalling in terms of ability, and I’m sure that the Man. U. fans would have no qualms about signing the Belgian international. Similarly, they have the money, and a track record of forking out for substantial wage demands for positions they believe themselves could benefit from improvements.

With Kyle Walker massively increasing his weekly earnings following a move to Manchester City last year, Tottenham Hotspur ought to be wary about letting the big players go. With the construction of the new stadium, Spurs have the vision to be bigger and better; to not only challenge for a place within the top four but to be contesting the league title. In today’s football world, you only do that by investing, and keeping hold of your stars. Both of which demand the commitment to spending substantial amounts of money when it is imperative for the future growth of the club.