What is the latest update on the new Spurs stadium?

Tottenham Hotspur are moving into their new stadium at the start of the 2018/19 Premier League season. The construction of the stadium has progressed significantly since the plans for the Northumberland Project were first commissioned back in 2008. Tottenham Hotspur have used artists and video specialists to portray what the stadium may look like once it is completed.

In December 2017, fans were given picture and video updates that confirmed that all four stands of the stadium had been erected.  As of February 2018, the latest update fans have been given is that the compression ring is now in place. The compression ring is the first step to complete before raising the roof on top of the stands. It runs around the circumference of the stands and gives the stadium an elliptical shape. The roof will be comprised of a cable net structure. So the next stage is to lift the cables into place, and then place the glass roof over the top.

Keep a constant eye on the construction of the new Spurs Stadium

Our website contains links to the constant live stream of six cameras, covering all angles of the stadium, which document in real time the progress being made with the construction. You can watch every minute, every brick and sheet of metal put into place right here.