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Spurs Target French Ligue star Malcom

Latest Tottenham Hotspur Transfer News: Malcom

Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United and Arsenal are all looking to sign the Brazilian midfielder Malcom from Bordeux in the summer. The French star has been on Tottenham Hotspur’s radar since the January transfer window. They considered making an offer in January, but the French club claimed that they would not be selling the twenty-year-old during the winter period. However, Malcom has just been given permission to leave in the summer and pursue the next stage of his football career wherever he so wishes. The French star was a target for Manchester United before they had made a bid for Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, so no doubt the competition will only heat up as the summer transfer window comes around.


The young Brazilian told the press that,


“These three or four months will make a big difference. Yes, Bordeaux have given me their word I can leave in June. I’m going to choose my next club and Bordeaux will let me leave.”


It hangs in the balance as to where the young man will choose to advance his career. At just twenty years of age, Malcolm has impressed at both Bordeaux and his former Brazilian club Corinthians.

Should Spurs go after Malcom?

The question is: do Spurs need Malcom? He is a dynamic forward, with age on his side and a considerable scope for further development. On the other hand, Spurs have Kane, Son and Alli all in prolific goal-scoring form – and with the recent addition of Moura on the wing, the question as to whether Malcom would fit in the current Spurs side looms large. If the club is looking to grow, buying young talents and developing them, enhancing their abilities, is a practical way of achieving that goal. Additionally, it may be worth the purchase just so Premier League competitors don’t snap up a future star.