Construction for the New Spurs Stadium - Tottenham Hotspur new ground 2018/19

Spurs New Stadium Set for more Seating

There has been new and exciting developments this week at the site of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium that is currently being built for a grand opening to the public for the start of the 2018-19 Premier League season. The original plans for the new Spurs site meant that the stadium could hold a capacity of 61, 559. However, Tottenham Hotspur tweeted yesterday that they have applied to Haringey Council for an increase of 441 seats. This would make the capacity of the new ground a nicely-rounded 62,000.

The beloved White Hart Lane, which will always hold a special place in the hearts of Spurs loyalists, had a maximum capacity of 36,284. When plans for the New Stadium were set in motion early last year, Daniel Levy, club chairman, had stated in an interview that, “The reason was simply that we have a season ticket waiting list of 58,000 people and had to find a solution. Clearly, we went for the maximum we could.” The new stadium should, therefore, be able to accommodate a far wider Tottenham fan base than the Lane was able to.

Spurs have had to run all major construction plans and details via Haringey Council in relation to the New Stadium, and this minor increase seems no different. Just because they have made the application does not mean it will be granted! I can’t think of any glaringly obvious reason why it would get rejected – the stadium is still set to open its doors later this year! It is a great benefit for all involved that they have been able to find a few more seats in all corners of the stadium.

A New Era for Tottenham Hotspur

If we look at consistent Spurs performances over the past few seasons, if we look at the quality of the team, and the ambition of the club – this beautiful new stadium and its much larger capacity is the next natural step for Tottenham. A big stadium for a club with big dreams.

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