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Spurs Back New Petition to Let Fans in Stadiums

Thousands of people, including Tottenham Hotspur, are backing a new petition urging for the government to let fans in stadiums.

Spurs fans were beyond disappointed as Boris Johnson announced that a return to football stadiums from 1st October would be delayed. With COVID-19 concerns ongoing, it could be another six months before Spurs fans could return to Tottenham Hotspur stadium under current government guidelines.

The petition proceeds an open letter from the Premier League to the Prime Minister calling for an imminent safe return of fans to stadiums to avoid further financial devastation.

The Premier League’s plea seems to have stirred up the football community as the new campaign to ‘let fans in’ has resonated with fans across social media.

Take a look as we cover all there is to know about the petition to ‘let fans in’ stadiums as well as the Premier League’s letter to the government.

What is the ‘let fans in’ petition?

The ‘let fans in’ petition is a call for football fans to attend matches at all levels. As it stands, EFL and Premier League games for the 2020/21 are being played in empty stadiums, and many clubs, including Spurs, are asking for change.

The Premier League has already revealed that it could lose £500 million from the COVID-19 crisis. The delay of allowing fans to return to stadiums from 1st October is inflicting devasting damage on revenue, as well as the morale of football fans.

Ashley Greenwood created the ‘let fans in’ petition, outlining how football is a powerful tool both in terms of keeping people in employment and the morale and wellbeing of fans. The fundamental purpose of the ‘let fans in’ petition was to save smaller clubs who could potentially go out of business, having disastrous consequences for many livelihoods.

The decision to not to let fans in stadiums from 1st October was met with criticism given that a handful of EFL pilot matches successfully took place just a few days before the announcement.

The decision to delay fans in stadiums has led many to highlight the irregularity within government policies. The rationale behind allowing 3,000 people to an event at the Royal Albert Hall was particularly viewed as contradictory to many.

The Premier League’s open letter to the government

The Premier League have shown that they mean business when it comes to bringing fans back to stadiums. In an open letter to the government, they addressed many points highlighting the importance of allowing fans to return. The letter was signed by chief executive Richard Masters, EFL chief executive David Baldwin, FA chief executive Mark Bullingham and FA director of the women’s game, Kelly Simmons.

The letter described the deficiencies in football when fans are removed from the experience. Ultimately, clubs are lacking the morale and support that only their fans can provide.

In reply to the go-ahead of events at indoor venues, the Premier League acknowledged that this is a positive development for cultural events. However, they maintained that football stadiums could also host games in a socially distant manner.

It was further emphasised how outdoor spaces such as football stadiums are more likely to be more hygienic than the indoor venues which the government have deemed acceptable. The Premier League confirmed their commitment to making stadiums as safe as possible, with some of the following measures in place:

  • Screening fans
  • Checking temperatures
  • Wearing masks
  • One-way systems within stadiums
  • Deep cleaning
  • Matchday code of conduct

The Premier League concluded the letter by reiterating their determination let fans back in stadiums as soon as possible, whilst working alongside the government help move things forward.

What’s next for the ‘let fans in’ petition?

Petitions must receive 100,000 signatures to be discussed within the House of Commons. Currently, the petition to let fans in has over 164,000 signatures so is now very much eligible for consideration.

We will continue to monitor the developments of the ‘let fans in’ petition and will update our Spurs news page once further details are available.

With so many footballing bodies backing the ‘let fans in’ campaign; hopefully, it won’t be much longer before Spurs fans can return to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium once again.

A stadium without fans is a loss in many aspects. Whilst it has financial consequences, a stadium without fans also lacks the atmosphere and community that can only be ignited when fans gather together.

We cannot wait for the day when we can return to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium once again to cheer on Mourinho’s men. COYS!

If you wish to sign the petition, please click here.