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Pochettino offers words of warmth for former Spur Ryan Mason

News broke out this week that former Tottenham Hotspur player Ryan Mason has been forced to retire his football career after suffering from a fractured skull injury that he incurred against Chelsea in the January of last year.

Ryan Mason is 26 years old and made 70 appearances under Mauricio Pochettino when he was still at the club. Sky Sports reported on the comments that the Argentine made about Ryan and his possible options of a career at Spurs off the pitch. Pochettino said that,

“Of course the door is open to help him; myself, the coaching staff and the club, because we love him and all his family”
It has been reported that Ryan has spent the last few days at the Spurs training ground. It is beyond doubt that Poch had a sound relationship with the player when he played for the Lilywhites, and admired his attitude as well as his ability. I’m sure all the club would welcome Ryan Mason into the Spurs staff in any capacity.

Once a Spur, always a Spur

It is not only Poch that has shown sympathy and encouragement for Mason, the Spurs fans cheered his name during Tottenham’s 2-2 draw in Turin to show their support in this difficult time for a past player. It is moments like this that illuminates the sincerity and the unity that the footballing community is capable of.
Mason’s injury was the result of an unfortunate clash of heads with the Chelsea defender Gary Cahill. Cahill sent an emotional tweet of support and compassion for Mason today:

The entire football community is behind Ryan and wishes him success off the pitch.