Spurs New Stadium Progress: Live Cameras

If you wish to see continuous updates on the construction of the new Spurs stadium, then look no further. Beneath you will find live stream videos of the stadium’s construction as it happens. Don’t miss a single brick, sheet of metal, or blade of grass that will be added to this phenomenal project that is currently underway. The livestream cameras from the High Road, the various cranes, and cameras from the West stand show you the erection of the Stadium from the outside. Alternatively, the cameras recording from the North East Corner and from inside the bowl itself, offer a full panoramic view of the extraordinary work being done to the interior of the stadium. See ALL of the preparation for August – when this magnificent structure will host its first ever Premier League match.

Keep up to date with all the Spurs New Stadium Progress as it happens…

From Inside Bowl

From the High Road

From Tower Crane 8

The Lilywhite verdict

Ledley King  (Evening Standard)

 “This incredible new stadium will really feel like home for all of us… as much as we are now about to enter into what is such an exciting new era for this Club and the area, our past will always be with us and the legacy of the Lane lives on”

Maurico Pochettino (The Mirror)

“I think the stadium will be one of the best in the world and the people, and the spirit of the people that work here you can feel the passion they are showing in every single detail… We hope that the fantastic stadium brings us many victories and to start to show the world that we are an amazing club and one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Daniel Levy (Evening Standard)

“It is Tottenham’s time to shine now… We have been competing against teams with matchday revenues that far outstrip ours and a restricted capacity that has meant our growing fanbase has not been able to get to games… The new stadium will take us to another level globally.”

Harry Kane (Spurs TV)

“I can’t wait to see it with a load of fans inside… hopefully we can bring a lot of success here. It’s just incredible”

Hugo Lloris (Spurs TV)

“It is a dream as a player to play in front of 62,000 every weekend and we’re going to try and share with them great emotion and to share our passion together.”