Harry Kane for Spurs Celebrating

Harry Kane: What feeds this Lion?

Amid the Champions League madness this week that saw Barcelona and Man City crash out of the competition, Buffon receive a red card, and Ronaldo score a clinical penalty in the 97th minute to take Madrid through, the big news that has poured out of North London has surrounded the England frontman, Harry Kane.

Kane was adamant that he caught the faintest of touches on Christian Eriksen’s free-kick against Stoke City on the weekend, which was originally awarded to the Danish midfielder. However Kane appealed the decision, and the Premier League’s Goal Accreditation Appeal Panel overturned the decision and awarded Harry his 25th goal of the season.

Harry Kane Yearns for his Third Consecutive Golden Boot

Harry Kane is in a fierce battle for his third consecutive Golden Boot against Liverpool’s Mo Salah, who currently has 29 goals. The only two players to have ever won the Premier League Golden Boot three years in a row are Alan Shearer (1994-7) and Thierry Henry (2003-4). Harry Kane is four goals behind Salah but Spurs do have a game in hand of Liverpool in the league.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, Harry Kane discusses that the competition with Salah fuels him to score more,

“Because we are battling against Liverpool for the top four as well it’s a bit of excitement. He scores four, let’s see what I can come back with… It’s just the competition and trying to win, that’s what I enjoy.”

Kane goes on to uncover that his insatiable desire to score was birthed during his time as a striker in his youth,

“I remember when I was playing for Ridgeway Rovers, I think I was 10 and scored maybe 47 in 20 games or something like that… It’s the look. The look before it’s gone in… the adrenaline”.

Harry Kane demonstrates here, and with his persistence to claim the Stoke goal for himself, that he has that extra fibre in his being that wants ‘it’ more, wants to score and to win more and will stop at nothing to achieve these goals. We’ve seen him break Shearer’s record last year, we’ve seen him score 8 hat-tricks in a year and we see him consistently at the top of the goal-scorers table. Kane has been ridiculed and somewhat berated since the decision to accredit him with the Stoke goal came to light.

But it is that tenacity and belief, the need for Harry to be the best, to accrue all the success he can which makes this man a lion.

We see the same sort of mentality with players like Cristiano Ronaldo. Every goal, pass, win, and assist statistic that makes up their profiles become a part of these players like their own flesh and blood. Performing at those dizzy heights of success warrants this mentality for continuous improvement. Tottenham Hotspur should do everything they can to nurture and to feed his rarefied mentality, to unleash the beast that lurks within Harry Kane – because players like him are few and far between.


quotations taken from Sky Sports