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Bale is Back: Gareth Bale’s Return to Spurs on Loan

It’s official – Bale is back! It was last month when rumours of Gareth Bale’s potential transfer to Tottenham Hotspur first began to circulate, causing great excitement amongst Spurs fans. Reports of Gareth Bale’s difficult journey with Real Madrid and his eagerness to return to London have plagued headlines ever since.

After an incredible amount of speculation, Tottenham has finally confirmed that Gareth Bale will return to Spurs on loan! Take a look as we reveal all there is to know about Gareth Bale’s return to Spurs so far.

When will Gareth Bale return to Spurs?

Gareth Bale was seen last Friday morning driving through Madrid Airport, on his way to London to finalise his return to Spurs.

Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy was also seen arriving early at the Enfield Training Centre today, said to be waiting for the arrival of Gareth Bale to settle the loan agreement.

That afternoon Bale arrived at Tottenham’s training ground and was welcomed by the sound of cheering Spurs fans, all clearly delighted that the Spurs legend is making a return.

A significant amount of the agreement had already been arranged earlier during the week as Levy liaised heavily with Spurs Manager, Jose Mourinho. All Bale had to do was sign the dotted line. Spurs fans grew frustrated as the day continued with no official confirmation of the signing. It wasn’t until the following Saturday evening that Spurs finally made the official announcement, delighting Spurs fans everywhere! 

Although the agreement was nearly complete, Mourinho refused to make any comment regarding Gareth Bale’s loan deal last week. Mourinho stated that until Bale signed the deal to return to Tottenham, he was still very much a player of Real Madrid. Thankfully, after a significant amount of waiting, Bale is very much back!

Whilst the news of Bale’s return to Spurs is incredibly exciting, his medical report revealed an injury that will leave him sidelined for at least a month. Looks like we will have to wait a little bit longer before seeing Bale in action on the field.

How long is Gareth Bale’s loan to Spurs

It is reported that Gareth Bale will return to Spurs on a season-long loan. The move follows reports of clashes between Bale and Real Madrid manager, Zinedine Zidane. Despite Gareth Bale’s great successes and impressive performances, he has mostly been snubbed by Zidane, making limited appearances for Real Madrid last season. As a result, Mourinho was keen to bring Bale back to London in a bid to revitalise Bale’s football career and put him back on track.

What will be Gareth Bale’s Spurs wages?

Gareth Bale will allegedly earn around £13 million during his season-long loan deal at Spurs. One of the biggest concerns amongst Spurs fans was that Tottenham would never be able to meet the wages that Gareth Bale earned at Real Madrid. When Bale first joined the Spanish team in 2013, his transfer fee was reportedly in the region of £77 million – £85 million. The transfer remains one of the top ten most expensive transfers in football history.

What happened with Gareth Bale and Manchester United?

Manchester United was also said to have been interested in signing Gareth Bale, with many reports predicting that he would likely agree to a transfer deal. However, as progressions began to take place with Spurs, Man United remained quiet. United’s lack of transfer activity, prompted criticism on social media, with many fans claiming that the team missed out on an opportunity to acquire a top player. Despite disapproval from fans, United have stated that they have not ‘missed out’ as some believe.

Gareth Bale and the future for Spurs

Given that Gareth Bale became a legendary player during his original time at Spurs, it is hoped that his presence will provide the extra boost that Tottenham requires this season. It was a disappointing start to the 2020/21 season as Spurs faced Everton last week, losing 1-0. Could a player like Gareth Bale give Spurs that extra edge?

Mourinho is said to be looking to fully bolster the squad in a bid to rival top Premier League teams such as Liverpool and Man City. In addition to Gareth Bale’s loan agreement, fellow Real Madrid player Sergio Reguilon has also signed for Spurs on a £27 million permanent deal. The two appeared to have boarded the same flight back to London on Friday to settle their agreements.

Following the exciting signings of both Bale and Reguilon, Mourinho is allegedly looking to acquire two further players. He is said to be interested in taking on a striker and a centre half to complete his Spurs overhaul.

This 2020/21 season is undoubtedly an exciting time for Spurs, and it will be interesting to see how the team fares with these new additions on board.

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