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We know that football is not just a game; that Spurs are not just a team. For some, these things are a way of life. We give you the option to get across your point of views in the Spurs forum chat and discuss the testy topics that make football such an important part of everyday life.

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Give yourself a voice and share with the rest of the Spurs community your points of view on a whole host of Tottenham Hotspur related topics. If you want to question, discuss, argue, or assert a point about a topic outside of the available options – Make yourself a new thread!

Tell us the hottest transfer news. Tell us who you think Spurs should sign this summer. Tell us what you think of the new stadium. We want to hear what you think.

This summer we have the 2018 World Cup in Russia to fill the football-less void that usually exists between May and August! With five Spurs players in the England squad and even more competing in the tournament, there is plenty to discuss in June when it all kicks off.

Before you get involved with the action, please make sure you have a little read through the Forum Rules that we have in place – just so you don’t post anything that may end in your seclusion from the forum section. Keep it Spurs and keep it fun!


Rules of Usage

We have created this forum to provide an online community where Spurs fans can come and discuss the important issues of the day. Topics may include the development of the new stadium, the team, transfers, Spurs history etc. However, in order for everybody to have a healthy discussion and enjoy themselves, there are a few rules and guidelines to follow. Your rights, and ability, to post on this forum may be revoked if any of the following rules are breached:

Be respectful of other members

Please ensure that you treat all other members on this forum with respect and decorum. This prohibits any member from insulting, belittling, bullying or trolling any other member on this forum. However, we realise that offence can be taken in different ways, and therefore the moderators of this forum will judge each complaint individually and make a decision on whether it violates the boundaries of this forum.

Post properly:

–    All the comments posted in the thread should not deviate from the original topic. If you wish to discuss another topic surrounding Spurs, you can create a new topic to do so.

–    Please do not duplicate posts or threads.

–    All posts on the forum must be in English, so everybody can understand the discussion.

–    No inappropriate language or images. Please refrain from using swear words and any variations of vulgar, racist, fascist, hateful, threatening,  or derogatory language. Please refrain from posting pornographic, violent, gory, crude or offensive graphics and links.

–    Use descriptive thread subjects that are applicable, useful or informative. Please refrain from using vague titles such as ‘hello’ or ‘help me’.

–    Please do not post any copyright infringing material.

–    Each member should only have one personal account that they post from. There is no need for any user to create multiple accounts when posting on our forums.


No spamming or irrelevant advertising

Broadly speaking, spamming includes any unauthorised advertising, the unproductive posting of items that bear little relevance to the topic, empty posts, and posting referral and associated links. This forum forbids the self-promotion of products and services that are not related to this topic. Any self-promotion or spam advertisements will be deemed inappropriate and will result in indefinite preclusion from the forum.

Keep things Legal

It is imperative that illegal topics are not discussed on this forum. This includes discussing methods or sourcing of piracy, methods of committing crimes, hacking or implying any illegal conduct. Any posts that discuss anything illegal will be removed without notice.

No posting political, racial and religious posts/topics

Any political, racial and religious topics, are totally banned from this forum. These topics should not appear in any form whatsoever, it is easier for everyone if the discussions remain Spurs and football related.

Have fun!