Alan Shearer comments on Tottenham Hotspur Striker Harry Kane

Alan Shearer Gives Positive Verdict on Harry Kane Injury

The news of Harry Kane’s ligament damage injury was a cause for grave concern just less than a fortnight ago as the English International hobbled off the pitch against Bournemouth. Anticipation and fear grew as Kane had to postpone two different scans due to the amount of swelling that suffocated his ankle.

It came as a relief to Spurs fans, and to the wider England community, when Kane’s scan showed that his injury should keep him out of training for no longer than a month. The two-week international break comes at a fortunate time for Kane, who will hopefully miss fewer Spurs games as a result. If all goes well, he could potentially be back in action as early as the Stoke City fixture.

Kane Injury Means Son Can Thrive

Alan Shearer, the Premier League’s most prolific goal scorer, has settled the nerves of Spurs fans by stating that the injury can be viewed as an advantage for Tottenham Hotspur. Shearer scored a total record of 260 goals in the Premier League and shared an anecdote from his past for the player who is seeking to dethrone him.

First off, Shearer explained, the injury will allow the flourishing players of the Spurs first-team to step up and take the limelight. He explained that “Son will now have the opportunity to be the leading man in the team and they will be looking for him to continue producing the goals”. This can give players, like Heung-Min Son, that little extra they need to step up yet another gear.

Shearer then went on to explain how the injury could actually benefit Kane personally. Shearer told of the time he was forced to undergo a hernia operation (around the same period in the season that Kane damaged his ankle) ahead of the Euros 1996 tournament. He said the month or so of rest is exactly what he needed. Shearer claimed that “you are working hard behind the scenes but you are not travelling, playing the games or getting kicked”.

Alan Shearer then finished the tournament as the leading goal-scorer. The lifestyle and day-to-day activity of a football player, especially one who is consistently at the top of his game like Harry Kane, is both delicate and strenuous. The physicality of the game can certainly take its toll; it can drain one’s mental energy to travel so far and have to perform in front of the world so often. A break could just replenish Kane so he can handle all of this on the biggest stage there is – the World Cup.

With the Champions League, the FA Cup (and its replays) and the Premier League, there is no doubt that the top players are playing a hell of a lot of football. Spending some of that time in the gym, focusing on his injury and finding a routine away from the spotlight might be the most beneficial thing for Kane ahead of the action-packed summer. And that is coming from the league’s greatest ever striker.